Almaden Oaks Community Pool

You've got questions? Well we've got answers!





When does registration open?

  Usually a few months before the start of the new season, which normally starts May 1st.  
  Registration looks closed or I can' t find the link?   We remove the link to the open registration once we are full or really close to full. We then open up our waitlist which is open year round to help gather your info. If a spot opens up, we go to the waitlist and go through it until all the spots are filled.  

How large is your pool?

  Approximately 45' X 20' with a kiddie depth pool on the side  
  How much does Membership cost?   Our pricing is family based (1-2 Adults and your children) which comes to $475 plus 2 hours of work hours. Guest passes can be purchased as well so you can bring your friends with you to the pool.  

Do you heat the pool?

  Yes, we cover the pool when not in use and gas heat the pool to 75-82°  


Can I have free use of the BBQ areas?   Yes, this comes with your membership. You can come and enjoy this whenever you'd like. But please clean up after yourself and leave things as nice or better than you found them.